Meet Ara

Adventurer, waterfallaholic, nature addict,
rock-climber, romantic, reader, nerd.


Meet Ara

Hello there!

Maybe I’ll meet you by Mt. Hood or in a towering ballroom for your wedding, or we’ll go on a tour through a National Park for your elopement, or we'll walk barefoot on the beach for your maternity session, or we'll ride in a helicopter in New Zealand for your engagement.  No matter what we do together, we’re going to have an unforgettable adventure while telling your story.

As an award-winner in both wedding and landscape photography, my style weaves together artistic portraiture, atmospheric scenery, photojournalism, and pure fun.  I have a long list of beautiful places to take you, an undaunted spirit to keep up with you on all your adventures, and an obsession with natural beauty that pours into my images.

Wallflower while your event is unfolding, loud when people need wrangling, knowledgeable when a gown needs bustling or a boutonniere needs pinning, helpful when toes need pointing and knees need bending and smiles need refreshing, and dedicated to those memories that deserve remembering, I'm fiercely invested in making sure you have an incredible experience from start to finish.  I choose my clients as carefully as they choose me, because I believe in the perfect fit.

To see me in action, go watch my short introduction film, where waterfalls, beaches, and the cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge await.

Let's share an adventure, shall we?


More:  Take a look at my landscape & nature work here.  If you'd like to know why I named my business as I did, here's a nerdy bit of trivia.  To watch me photographing the beautiful Erin in Acadia National Park in Maine, go here (thanks, Joel Howard!). 

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