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Aralani Photography

How to Book

Fill out the contact form or call me at (503) 539-7299 to inquire about your date and schedule a consultation.  For destinations or out-of-town couples, everything can be done over the phone or Skype.


I travel worldwide for weddings.

Wedding Investment Guide

Collections include myself, an associate photographer (for events with over 40 guests), an engagement session, and images.

Never hesitate to inquire for custom quotes on Indian weddings and unique events. 


I offer beautiful heirloom-quality albums, custom-designed by me, then printed and bound in Italy.  Take a look at a few of them here.

Other Sessions

After-Wedding Adventure Session (or Trash the Dress) from $500
Proposal Coverage from $350
Engagement Sessions from $500
Rehearsal Coverage from $750
Portraits from $350 - See more offerings here.

Bridal Boudoir sessions are available to create the perfect gift for your groom: you.


What can we expect from you on our wedding day?
We are involved when it matters, and invisible when it counts.  My team and I disappear into the background to capture fantastic candid moments, put your guests at ease, and inspire genuine smiles.  We will help you look amazing by guiding you with flattering, natural-feeling poses to create portraits you'll adore.  We will also climb rocks, crawl on the floor, stand on the roof, run through the rain and do whatever it takes to get that "OHMYGOD" shot you'll flip out for.

If it doesn't involve a camera but will make your day wildly better, count on us to be there for you--we do know how to bustle a gown and pin a boutonniere.  We'll do everything we can, as photographers and otherwise, to make your wedding day amazing.

I'm a little unorthodox (getting married on the side of a mountain roped in on a harness/skydiving/etc.). Are you game?
Bring it on!  I love adventurers.

I hate being photographed/I'm not photogenic/I'm just not looking forward to this.  Help?
I totally get it.  Creating a relationship and trust before any cameras are involved is a big deal to me, so a lot of awkwardness is dampened before a single photo is taken.  I love my clients, and spend a lot of time making sure I can tell an authentic story about all of them.  Trust me.  I will take care of you.

Can we get a reference?
Absolutely.  I encourage you to talk to my couples about their experience!

Do you shoot indoor weddings?
I have a lot of experience both indoors and out, from fields to towering ballrooms.  At our consultation, I will be happy to show you images that compliment your venue.

Do you support marriage equality?

What can I do with my engagement photos?
I offer beautiful custom engagement guestbooks, and wide-mat print guestbooks.  You and your guests will love them.

How do you deliver images?
You are invited to Theater Night.  Come snuggle together on the couch, drink champagne (or something else delightful) and watch all your images on the big screen in our viewing space. Instead of flipping through an online gallery on your phone, this is re-living your wedding day at its best.  When the show is over, I send you home with your images on a beautiful flash drive and a link to your online gallery so you can share and enjoy.

When will my images be available?
Usually within 10 weeks.  I am committed to wow-ing you to death when you get your images, and my detailed artistic process takes time.  If you need a photo for your thank-you cards or announcements, I'll be happy to get it to you when you need it.

How many images can I expect?
Telling a complete story is very important to me, from getting ready to details to portraits to dancing.  I also value quality over quantity, so you can usually expect 400-1000 images depending on the length of your event.

What do you need from us before the wedding?
I always ask for a final schedule of events, and a list of the formal family photographs you wish to be taken, along with any other special groups I might not be aware of (such as a photo for your college magazine, or with close friends that have traveled far).  I also request to know about any sensitive situations where we might unknowingly put two people together in a photograph who may not wish to be.

Do I have to fully destroy my dress for Trash The Dress sessions?
No.  Most of my Trash The Dress sessions only involve going somewhere beautiful for photos, and your dress gets no more dirty than it does wandering around an outdoor wedding venue.  Expect some dirt, but otherwise, it'll be ready for professional cleaning and boxing when we're done.

Do you have a list of vendors you highly recommend?
I do!  It's right here.

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