Aralani Photography
522 N. Thompson St. Suite 21
Portland, OR 97227

I am located in an industrial loft in a gorgeous reclaimed warehouse in the Eliot neighborhood in Portland.  The immediate area is full of metal artists and glass studios.  Only a couple of short blocks off of Interstate Ave., I'm quite close to Widmer Brewing, Mint, McMenamins White Eagle, Broder Nord, Tamale Boy, and other fantastic breweries and eateries.

Parking is readily-available after 5:00pm and on weekends--just park in front of the building or along Kerby Ave.  During regular business hours, the best parking is found along Tillamook, two blocks south.

The front of the building is secured access in the evening, so please call when you get to the front door.  I will come down to let you in.

Find detailed directions here.