Vibrant Weddings and Elopements for the Modern Nostalgic

Heidi & Sofia's Wedding
Crater Lake, Oregon

Kate & John's Wedding
Melbourne, Australia

Chrissy & Alex's Wedding
Santa Cruz Mountains, California


"Even before I became engaged, I knew that my (now) husband wanted a big wedding; and while I also wanted to have our dear friends and family share in our special day, it was also important tome that my husband and I have time to celebrate our love and commitment to one another apart from the joyous chaos of our wedding day.  

"Enter Ara. 

"I loved the intimacy and relaxed atmosphere of her elopements and tiny weddings, and wanted to do something similar to that in addition to our larger wedding that she would also be capturing for us.  It was one of the best decisions that I made! (And not only because it provided an opportunity to have a second dress). Ara has a wonderful collection of secluded spots with jaw-dropping vistas and was able to find something that was just what we were looking for.  I feel doubly blessed to have had two special days graced by Ara's beautiful talent and support."

- Meredith C.

"Ara is an epic photographer. We had an outdoor wedding in tricky lighting situations near a waterfall and the photos are just stunning. Plus, she is easy going and fun to work with. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it! Anyone can point and shoot a camera but Ara's photos are magical."

- Colleen H.

"Ara and her team documented my dream wedding. It started with breathtaking engagement photos and ended with a magical, snowy June wedding extravaganza. Ara's artistic eye is unmatched by anyone, and her cool, calm presence and vast knowledge of the wedding industry kept this bride from losing it on my wedding day. She takes the most beautiful photos of vast scenery and movement - you'll want to hang these photos on your wall. I would highly recommend Ara to anyone who wants memorable wedding photos that will last a lifetime. "

- Sarah H.S.

"Working with Ara was one of the greatest decisions we ever made when planning our wedding. Ara is compassionate, kind, caring, knowledgeable, hilarious, comforting and committed. I was so nervous getting ready for our engagement photo shoot because I'm always the one shying away from attention and the moment we started with Ara all my fears, anxieties and worries disappeared. She made me feel more beautiful and more comfortable being photographed than I ever imagined possible. The walls of our house are now home to some of our greatest moments all captured by Ara's skill, talent and amazing eye. Ara will be our forever photographer, and if you book with her, I know she will become yours too."

- Genevieve A.